Singtel musicStore is a one-stop shop to purchase music to personalize you and your callers’ mobile experiences!

Get a connecting tone of your favourite song to entertain your callers, or get a full track or ringtone to hear your favourite song ringing when someone calls you.

Not sure on which song to get? No problem, check out our recommendations on ‘New Releases’, ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Hot On Radio’ sections featuring the hottest songs in town!

Also check out our homepage to find out more about various exciting contests and promotions where you will be able to win concert tickets or official merchandise when you purchase music from Singtel musicStore!

Lastly, Singtel musicStore allow you to manage your connecting tone and ringtone subscriptions and purchases with ease via “My Music”!

  1. Services

    1. Connecting Tone

      A 30-second song clip for playback to your callers when they call you. It replaces the standard connecting tone with a song of your choice, to entertain your callers before you pick up their call.

      Available as a single tone or as a 3-song tone pack

      Subscriber will be given the flexibility to change their Connecting Tone or Connecting Tone Pack once every month at no additional charge

      For Connecting Tone Pack, you can choose from existing packs created by our curators or create a personalized pack with any 3 songs of your choice.

    2. RingTone

      30-second song clip that can be configured as a ringtone on your phone when it rings

      The clip is transferable to other devices

      There is a Ringtone subscription option where you get to download 4 ringtones every month

    3. Full Track

      Full length song for playback on your mobile phone & transferable to other devices

  2. Price

    1. Single Purchase

      Full Track - $2.68

      Ringtone - $2.14

      *Price inclusive of 7% GST

    2. Subscription Services

      Connecting Tone Pack (3 songs) - $4.28/mth

      Connecting Tone (1 song) - $2.14/mth

      Ringtone Pack (1 new ringtone per week) - $5.35/mth

      *Price inclusive of 7% GST

    3. *For Connecting Tone Pack and Ringtone Pack services, first-time subscriber will enjoy a promotional price of $0.10 for the 1st month. The normal price will apply from the 2nd month onward.